Pampered Bathing

Prices for bathing and grooming services are based on coat, size, temperament, and required time to bathe or groom you pet properly.

All baths include bathing, fluff dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal glands expresses, perfume, and bandanna (bows upon request). We have several different shampoos available to fit your pet’s needs.
Under 10lbs $18.00
10-20lbs $20.00
21-30lbs $22.00
31-40lbs $25.00
41-60lbs $30.00

Over 60lbs w/short/slick hair $35.00

Over 60lbs that are heavy coated breeds start at $50.00

Toe nail trim $10.00
Toe nail filing $15.00

Toe nail polish $5.00


Our baths include the following:

• Hydro-Surge Spa Treatment with lots of love! • Nail trim – filing upon request
• Premium shampoo • Ear cleaning
• Thorough brush-out • Cologne
• Bandana • Glands expressed
* Premium Blue Berry Facial
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