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  1. Sharlene Murphy says:

    We love pampered pets. They seem to go the extra step and make me feel like not only is my Macy well taken care of but loved while we are away. I highly reccommend boarding your pets here :)

  2. Becky Borsody says:

    My boys, Buddy and Buster, have been staying at Pampered Pets for at least 4 years – whenever I need to get out of town. The staff makes them feel at home, and there is no anxiety for any of us. In fact, I think the dogs almost enjoy spending the time away from me. ;-)

  3. Deb and Bob Davidson says:

    What a wonderful experience our dog Oakley had! I, of course, was nervous to leave her, but I am so grateful that I chose Pampered Pets to care for her while we were on vacation. Rather than board her in Evansville IN (where we live) we decided to take Oakley on vacation to Nashville with us. Her boarding experience turned into a vacation for her as well. She had lots of social time, play time, and I’m sure sleep time also. We will certainly chose Pampered Pets everytime we travel to Nashville! Thanks to everyone at Pampered Peds!

  4. Kellie McCain says:

    I left my 2 schipperke’s (Roxie and Reedo) with Pampered Pets for a four day weekend. I would almost hesitate to guess that Reedo was not exactly happy to see me and go home!! Apparently he had garnered a “possee” of friends that he played with and lead around the play area all weekend! Both of my kiddos came home happy and exhausted. Thank you so much for being so kind to my schips, as I can tell how each of you care for animals and love them. And thanks for telling me that you would love on them while I was gone- that’s when I knew you would be the best!
    Sloppy doggie kisses to you! :P

  5. Katherine Kerr says:

    I just got home from having my dog, Samson, groomed and couldn’t wait to write an review on how great his experience was! Ashlee did an AMAZING job. Samson has literally never looked so pretty. I’ve never had his coat looking so neat and soft before! There’s no doubt that we will be going back so Ashlee can keep Samson looking hansom! I’m definitely bringing him back for Doggy Daycare sometime too! They all love dogs and are so good with them. Also, if you ever get stuck in on the road from an icey driveway- they’ve got you covered ;) ! Thanks you all! I’m so tickled with how great Samson looks and how much he’s NOT shedding now! Who needs to shave their dogs when you can just de-shed them?

    Samson gives you all kisses!


  7. cindy & tracy says:

    My white boxer ( duke) loves Pampered Pets! He says ya’ll come play and stay!

  8. Holly Songer says:

    I’ve boarded my dog Gideon at PP three times now. Every time I am more impressed with this place. He actually pulls me to the door and then places his paws on the counter to eagerly greet the employees, who know him by name. Although he is happy to see me when I return, he is always content, healthy, and well- exercised. The employees always tell me about the doggie friends he made and what a gentleman he is! This is the best place I have seen to board a beloved family canine or feline, and the prices are the best around. For specific examples, first my dog developed an eye condition while there, probably because we took him to the lake the day before and he got into something :P Pampered Pets immediately informed me of this, and had already taken steps to treat it (for free). On my last visit, Gideon had been recently treated for near bloat. Upon informing the workers at PP, I was pleased to find that they were very knowledgable about bloat and how to prevent it. And for the most pleasantly shocking example, upon my last return I discovered that they had washed the cover on his pillow that I always bring with him. They did this great favor without me asking and free of charge. Thanks PP!!! 5 out of 4 paws :)

  9. Pam Ranieri says:

    My husband and I wanted to explore Nashville and the Nashville nightlife without having to worry about our little dog for the weekend. We dropped our little Abby off on Friday and picked her up on Sunday. Their hours are extremely accommodating especially for a Sunday when we had a 9 hour drive home and wanted to pick her up early so we could get on the road. You can tell the minute you walk into a kennel how they are going to treat your dog. The folks at Pampered Pets made all over Abby and made sure we got to say goodbye to her before they took her to her home for the weekend. When we picked her up, she even whimpered in the car like she didn’t want to leave. We love Nashville and make several trips down there from Pennsylvania. I am so happy I have found a place where I will leave Abby every time we come now. Thank you so much for taking care of her.

  10. Victor and Stephanie Abbott says:

    Pampered Pets is the only place that we will leave our dogs when we leave town! We have been using their services for the past 5 years! They always go above and beyond to help us know that the dogs are well taken care of and loved on. They provide personal attention and really get to know your dog. We do not hesitate to leave town knowing our dogs are in good hands. We have always been very pleased with their service!!

    Victor, Stephanie, Loki and Luna

  11. Christy Ikner says:

    The Crew at Pampered have taken care of my dogs for years. In fact, when we first starting boarding there we lived down the street. Now we live no where close to their office but it is very much worth the drive to take Dudley and Dyson to their favorite home away from home. Dudley is a grumpy old man and Dysonis a dim-witted, playful puppy and they both enjoy the heck out of Pampered Pets. The staff is incredible, the facilities immaculate and the dogs have never come home with crooked bangs or a bad doo!!

  12. Phyllis West says:

    Best place in the world for our sweet pets. You all are the best!

    Phyllis and Ben West

  13. Kelly Adams says:

    I use Pampered Pets frequently as I travel a lot for work. They are great! Both my dogs love going to Pampered Pets “doggie camp”. I know they are well taken care of receive the love and attention they need. I also like the fact they provide grooming on-site as that saves me a trip and appointment for such things. I would highly recommend Pampered Pets for boarding and grooming.

  14. Travis and Erin Best says:

    We have been leaving Callie at Pampered Pets for about 2 years now. She loves it there and is always excited to see her friends. The girls at the front desk love her and she loves them. We have left her there for a weekend all the way up to a week and she is always well taken care of. They even know her by name when we check-in.

  15. Valerie Haines says:

    I love love love everyone at PP!!! I never worry about my English Bulldog, Maggie when I leave her. These dogs can be quite needy LOL, but she is always so happy and never ready to leave when I pick her up!!! She and my 16 year old Silky Terrior, Willie share a run whenever they are boarded!!! I recommend PP to everyone I know needing boarding OR grooming!

  16. Andra Bledsoe says:

    We LOVE Pampered Pets!! Skippy is always happy when we arrive and has been well taken care of and gotten lots of love and attention from the great staff. Thanks for all you do!!

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